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Husband tricked me...mad or not sure

So my husband has been absoluutely wonderful since I told him I was binging and purging........ A couple times I told him I just cant resist and displayed behaviors in front of him, knowing I was going to purge...YES EMBARRASING..but still ok... Well last night I told him I had to, and got out my usual array of binge items, stuffed myself to capacity.......and.........he sit there and resist the urge to purge it and see what happens!! I was mortified... now he isnt controlling normally at all, so he caught me off guard... he says sit here until after our show is over then go ahead and do what you need to do..... well I was so embarrased, and mad, yet proud of him.........I sat for about 40 minutes........I couldnt take the pain anymore and went to the bathroom.........IT WAS HORRIBLE !!!!!!!!!!!! BY then purging was almost impossible, and the pain and awful... I was so sick!! I was sooo mad at him last night!! Not sure now if i will ever purge on those items or in front of him!! So he may or may not have really helped me!

As horrified I would be too..

As horrified I would be too... I think he's only trying to help. I gave my husband all my binge food so I can't binge when he's not home. He even said to open everything and throw it away if it was too tempting before I could give him the food. So so angry we feel remember that's your eating disorder that's angry. I know my ED would be mad too.

I have found though that now

I have found though that now engaging in my behaviors when he is not home.......... that was all prior to last nights mess though

I have

I have been there too. Even before my husband found out I relapsed. I was so ashamed by it so I hid it from him.

Hey Brody803!

Hey Brody803!

I'm so sorry to hear that you're struggling, but I also think it was a great step for you to be open about your eating disorder behaviors. That is not something you should dismiss lightly! I suggest calling the NEDA Helpline (1-800-931-2237) and speaking with a Navigator during your times of distress when your husband isn't around to support you, or you just need an outside person to talk to.

Please keep posting to the forums and updating us on your progress!

To reiterate what Melissaah

To reiterate what Melissaah said, I truly think your husband was trying to help. Whether or not what he did actually helped you, it's clear that he cares about you greatly and wants you to beat this ED. It's amazing to see that you have support from him now, and I think the next step would be to open and honest with him. Tell him what works and what doesn't, tell him what helps and what doesn't. I'm sure he'll listen and do his best to help.

Stay strong!