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how to tell my boyfriend(so lost)

Okay so I'm 18 and have had a problem with bulimia for almost 4 years now. It comes in waves, recently I hadn't purged for around 10 months. But within this last month I have fallen back down. Not too many people know of my disorder but I did tell my boyfriend of around 9 months quite awhile ago when I wasn't purging. He didn't really have much to say he seemed concerned but glad I wasn't still doing it. Now that it has picked up I feel scared and overwhelmed, especially because I'm about to start college, and I want to reach out to him. I'm so worried of what he'll say, he's rather healthy and fit so I feel like his help could be useful I just don't want him to look down on me or think less because of this. I can't even think of the words to say to start the conversation. How do I bring this up to him? Please help, any advice is awesome

Opening up

Opening up to someone about your eating disorder can be really scary, but it don't let it stop you from doing so. It seems like he was supportive in the past when you discussed your struggles with him so he will probably be supportive now. Worrying about what he'll say or think is completely understandable and learning more about bulimia yourself will be able to help you teach him and give him the information necessary to understand that what you're struggling with is a very real and serious disorder. You can learn more here: (and here: And this handout is extremely helpful for when opening up to someone so definitely take a look: Opening up and reaching out is the right step to take. Even if you don't feel comfortable yet opening up to your boyfriend, if there is anyone else close to you that you feel you could speak to about your struggles than think about reaching out to them. Having help and support from those you love and trust can help you through your recovery!

Thank you so much for those

Thank you so much for those links!

you're taking the right steps


First, you are strong for opening up about your struggles here! ED recovery is not always a smooth path, and facing setbacks as well as victories is not uncommon. I'm so glad you are taking the right steps and looking to talk to your boyfriend again. It can be scary and nervewracking but sharing your feelings with someone can help take some of the burden off your shoulders. The sharing with ease link that BrianaM200 shared is a great one, and calling the NEDA Helpline (1-800-931-2237, M-R 9-9, F 9-5) is another good starting place to talk to someone who can also help you start the conversation and give you advice on helpful resources.

Here are some more articles that may be helpful to you:
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Treatment basics:
Recovery and relapse prevention:

Being open and honest is a great way to approach things with your boyfriend, doctor, or any professional you may seek out. Having an ED isn't a choice and though talking about one can be difficult, you are strong for wanting to open up those avenues of communication! You can do it!


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