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How to stop excessive exercise?

It's hard for me to quit excessive/daily exercise, even when I become sore, have an inconsistent/late or absent period, etc. Honestly, even if I've pulled a muscle, I try to jog it off. I think extreme weather is the only thing that stops me. I've been to rock bottom with my ED, and now I'm at a kind of semi-underweight compromise I've established for myself, but it's still tightly controlled, obsessive, and causing health problems. Any advice on how to stop? I feel so much more productive if I exercise, but I my period is about 46 days late, and I am struggling with insomnia and soreness. I want to have friends and normal relationships and not to feel bad all the time, but if I don't exercise, it's all I think about.


Hi. I have seen your post but didn't know how to respond. I know when I was deep in my anorexia I would over exercise to the point of bodily damage. I never realized or just denies how sick I was and how much damage I was doing. I was at risk of collapsing. I am not a professional but I would say that if you can cut back slowly each day, it won't be so drastic. And it might be easier emotionally to cut back slowly. Your body is telling you it wants a break. It is begging you to give your body a break. But you would probably want to fill that time with something. Can you think of anything you can do in place of all the exercising? Any hobbies? Interests? I would try to listen to your body. I hope this helps. I know how difficult it is to slow down with the exercise. But it may come to a point where you have no choice. Injury is a great possibility. I hope you can "hear" some of what I am saying. Just think about it. What do you think? iwanttolive