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how do i help with no information

My adult child opened up to me and told me she takes a lot of laxatives and that she is sick. I took her to the Dr. and she began therapy. She mentioned to me not to buy junk food because it triggers binges.That's all the information I've been given. She doesn't want to talk to me or anyone else in our family about it. I don't know if I'm helping or hurting her. She has gotten upset with me asking what she ate at a restaurant, which is a pretty normal question in our home. She thought I was asking because of her ed. How do I know what to say or not to say if I don't know what's going on? I just need to know if her therapy is helping or what we need to do. Any suggestions?


Hi! Thank you so much for taking the time to write about your situation! I hope that I can be of some support and help for you!!

I'm sorry to hear that your daughter is struggling with an ED, but it is great that you have helped her access treatment resources! It truly is important to have a great network of professional support and advice during treatment.

As far as not knowing what to do, I think every parent shares that struggle. It is very confusing and I can tell how much you really want to help her! NEDA has some really great resources that I think would be wonderful in helping you understand how you can help!

Here is the NEDA Parent Toolkit which has useful things to read over and review!

NEDA also has this great program called the NEDA Navigators! It is comprised of a group of trained volunteers who have experience helping someone achieve recovery. There are a lot of Navigators who are parents who can definitely provide better insight into how best to offer support for your daughter. This resource is a great way to have free, private support for you and your daughter! Here is a link to learn more!

I hope this is a good place to start our conversation! Please let me know if you have any questions!

Thank you!

Thank you!