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Hot Weather, Lethargy, Belly Bloated, n New cavity 2.

I feel so grossed out. This hot, CA weather is keeping me from exercising, and really has reeked havoc on my sensitivity to the climate and almost passed out at work yesterday. Then after that I upped my water intake and now 2 days later I am feeling Totally Chunked up, and experiencing Mega Belly Bloat and Sluggishness. This is NOT helping me. At my bi-annual dental appt yesterday my dentist discovered a mammoth cavity on my molar. It seemed grossly huge and deep as the explorer really stuck inside it quite impressively. I had no idea I even had a cavity growing up there in my mouth. Oh gosh do I ever feel so bad. I must put it off for an entire month so I may work FT . Feeling quite Pathetic over this cavity and Powerless over how these things just attach themselves to our teeth, Its only been 6 months since my last exam and dental cleaning( Oops and Oh well???) I suppose I got kind of lax in my dental hygiene routine since my last dental exam and cleaning.

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