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Hi. I am at the emergency room because of medication and blood pressure and severe agitation. Please pray for me. I am scared.


Praying that the hospital gets everything lined out and that you are ok.


Praying for you <3 I know all will be okay! Let us know how you are doing when you can.

iwanttolive hospital

Hi. Thank you for the prayers. I was only in overnight and was released this afternoon. It is all med related and withdrawal and side effects. I am very tired as I went to a Bible study this evening and am so very tired right now.

My Mom is a nurse and is an avid researcher on the web. She can take one subject and research it for hours and days. She is doing this with me and giving me all kinds of advice and things to do, doctors to see. I already have too many doctors. I asked her to stop researching as it was overwhelming me with all of her suggestions. She said fine, I will leave it all up to you, and your doctors are smart. But I feel if I don't do everything she suggests she gets frustrated. I get double messages from her when she tells me she is not upset with me for not taking her advice and denies getting angry or frustrated, but she doesn't see it and says she wants me to make my own decisions. But in reality she does get angry even if she doesn't acknowledge it. A lot of times she will pretend she is me when talking to doctors and I am beginning not to like that. I am nervous to ask her to stop.

I hope you are doing okay and had a pleasant day. Good night. iwanttolive

Hey iwanttolive. Glad to hear

Hey iwanttolive. Glad to hear you're out of the hospital. I just wanted to give you a little virtual pat on the back and also respond to a particular part of your post. Its good to hear that your mother is involved in your life as part of your support network, but I'm also saddened to hear that you're encountering some friction with her. You said that you disagree with some of what she says and that you don't enjoy it when she double speaks to you. She is your mother, as you mentioned, so it stands to reason that she wants what's best for you. On that note, do you think you could voice your concerns to her in that vein? Cushion your requests with, 'you want whats best for me and here's how to give it to me'?
That's just an opinion.
I also wanted to address the last part of your post. You said that your mom sometimes talks to your doctors in your stead and that on top of that she pretends to be you while doing it. I'm no paralegal but I'm pretty sure that that is illegal. If you want to have your mom continue to be able to talk to your doctors on your behalf that's fine, but, again in my opinion, letting your mother impersonate you (as harsh as that might sound) may actually cause some trouble down the line. Its your medical profile and your conditions, this is your life we're talking about. Just food for thought.

- Adage


Thank you for your help. My mom has my best interest in mind. She always goes to my doctors with with me because of my memory problems. My therapist doesn't like this. I will try to say I am okay and you don't have to stay, an indirect way of communicating. She researches so much and has me going to too many doctors I finally had to ask her no more new doctors I know she means well but I am overwhelmed by it all. As far as her pretending to be me, she finds it easier since I don't always remember things. I do want to ask her to stop. She loves me a lot. She often without saying it in so many words that I am her favorite and we share a special bond. She as per my therapist did another thing and it is against the law as well. I am confused by it all. I love her very much. My therapist and former dietician said we are totally enmeshed. My therapist is working on this with me. I live 3h houses away. Anyways thank you for your input.