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Hope, when things seem hopeless

Three weeks ago my daughter began treatment for her anorexia at a residential facility. All authorizations were approved and a single case agreement was executed. After 8 days my insurance reneged on the single case agreement. Eight days after she
had bonded and opened up to the treatment team.

My daughter was transferred to an in-network facility which did not meet her clinical needs. After a week she was discharged.
She is scheduled to begin treatment in 2 days in yet another residential facility, which is in-network and meets her clinical needs. We were devastated with the way our daughter was discarded from treatment. Sadly this seems to be the norm with ED coverage.
The past three weeks have been a challenge for my daughter and our family. However hope kept us together and focused
on the goal...securing treatment for her. Hope came from our daughter who despite the emotional rollercoaster of two treatment facilities,still wants help and still believes she can recover. Hope also came from a CONNECTION I had made through NEDA. Another parent who had battled insurance companies and understood the frustration and hurt. This person just happened to contact me in the midst of our crisis. He provided a lifeline of hope and a rationale mindset. His mantra has always been "hope"...hope is what he gave our family. Those suffering and their family members need to find ways to hold onto hope. What ways have other parents found hope when the surrounding culture does not understand the barriers we face in securing
treatment, supporting our child and keeping ourselves healthy?

Hope, when things seem hopeless

Dear [email protected].

Thank you for sharing your family's story with this incredibly supportive NEDA forum that always strive to provide help, guidance and most iimportantly, HOPE!

I'm personally a suvivor of anorexia many years ago. They had even less resources back then. It can be incredibly frustrating. Your daughter is so blessed to have the love, support and determination of her parents!

I would like to share with you (and others) an option for potential support in recovery. I'm the Project HEAL - Denver Chapter Founder. The main Project HEAL was founded by two young women, that were' 15-years-old at the time of their recovery, and met in recovery. They personally realized the challenges of recovery and finding the resources, and finances for treatment. They are now in graduate school and have created this wonderful supportive Project HEAL community. There are many chapters opening across the nation. . One of Project HEAL's main goals is to raise funds for scholarships for those that cannot afford the recovery treatment they require and deserve. I would encourage you to explore this option too.

As you know, NEDA has many great tools and resources available as well, as you've discovered. I would encourage your daughter and your family to reach out whenever you need to, to the NEDA Helpline #1.800.931.2237 (Mon. - Thurs. 9am - 9pm and Fri. 9am-5pm/EST).

Lastly, I'm including a link to NEDA's Stories of Hope that continue to inspire me, and I believe would inspire your family, as well as always providing valuable HOPE through this journey!

Know we are here for you cheering your daughter and family on!

Healing Hugs!
Legacy of Love