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Highs and Lows

Right now I'm struggling with maintaining a level attitude towards recovery. I've been in recovery for a while and I rarely ACT on behaviors (I"ve slipped a few times lately, which is why I'm on the forums). However, right now I'm going back and forth on whether or not I should stay committed, should "try dieting healthily," etc. I know these are negative thoughts and not real options. I'm just struggling with being overweight, not due to binging behavior, just due to genetic as well as a hormonal imbalance that I'm just now having treated.

I was just wondering what you all do to fight these feelings. If there is a particular healthy coping skill that helps or it is like the early stages of recovery and you just have to be uncomfortable for a while.

Any thoughts or sympathy/empathy would be much appreciated!!! <3


Hi there, I am glad you are asking for support. Unfortunately since I do not know your situation I can not answer your questions. But I can offer support and a listening ear. Recovery is very difficult. Are you getting support or help with friends or family?

I find that coming here to look over the posts that if I can help someone and offer support that helps. I also color Mandala's. I am unable to exercise do to physical pain which I used to be able to do and it is frustrating but I have come to terms with it. I watch a movie on Pureflix which is a Christian Netflix.

What do you like to do with free time. I have a dog and she is a lot of fun. Do you have any animals? I think it is great that you have been able to reach a state of recovery. That is a really good thing. Keep in mind that there may be days that are more difficult to maintain recovery than others, especially when stressful events occur in your or our lives. I encourage you to keep connected to the forum and this is a place where people understand and can empathize with you. So wrap one arm across yourself and the other around your other shoulder and that is a hug from me. Take care. I hope this helps a little.

Hey girlwhenquiet! So glad

Hey girlwhenquiet! So glad you posted this. I agree with everything iwantolive said. It can be really difficult to manage periods of time when you’re questioning your commitment to recovery, and it’s really awesome that you’re reaching out for support and fighting back against the temptation of going back to using behaviors. Also, it’s great that you’re acknowledging that the early stages of recovery can be uncomfortable as frustrating as that is to work through. This is a recovery resource that I found on this website that’s helpful for me: Another coping skill that I like to use is to think of other people that I look up to for reasons entirely unrelated to how their body might look. Hope that might help for you. Hugs!