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Hey Fellas

I am a 40 year old man just out of inpatient who is stuggling to find support, I think I am doing well but still have the voices of my eating disorder and continue to feel the shame of being a man with this disease. It is hard enough to find support at all but almost impossible to find support for men. Who is out there who can chat with me and knows what I am going through?

Hey there!

Hey man!!!

Thank you so much for the post!!! It definitely is a difficult road to recover from an eating disorder, but I hope I can be here to make the process just a little bit easier!

I know that as a guy, it is tough having an eating disorder because of "what everyone else thinks it is" stereotype that is in our society. But, no matter how apparent this stereotype is, the facts just don't add up. There are just as many males with eating disorders and we are the first people sometimes in other people's life that we educate them on this.

I know, though, that it can be a matter of shame. I experienced that too. The thing that helped me out the most was that I had a great support network who reminded me that I did not ask for an eating disorder, and so I did not have to associate myself with whatever the eating disorder was making me feel.

You posted asking for some support. I certainly can be here on the forum for you, but NEDA has other options as well! Have you checked out the NEDA Navigators? They are volunteers who act as supportive recovery buddies. Here is a link describing the Navigators and how to connect with one:

Also, are you seeing a therapist at this time? It is a great idea to include a therapist as part of your support network. NEDA can help you find one as well. If you call the Helpline at 1-800-931-2237, they can assist you in directing you to a nearby specialist.

I hope this is a good start! How are you doing??

Hi there!

I have not had any personal experience with eating disorders or bulimia, but a close brother-figure in my life has. Because of that, I'm researching and writing an article at my university on male eating disorders in hopes of raising awareness and helping to rid the disorder of the stigma.

Would you possibly feel comfortable talking to me, perhaps on some other medium, about your experiences with disorders and/or treatment?

K Flynn