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Help me please

Hi, i kind of want to keep myself anonymous. But im only 15 and i feel like there's something wrong with me. I really thought i was crazy but ive been talking to my doctor and she says that i might be bulimic. I dont feel good with the way i look. I hate looking in a mirror. I would sit in my bath tub crying to myself because i know there's something wrong with me. I count every calorie on everything i eat. I feel weak and sleepy all the time. I eat and then feel disgusting later. I regret eating anything. I even started lying to my mother about eating. I dont eat breakfast and i feel hungry all day. And when it's dinner time, i eat and eat until im stuffed. And then i just go to the bathroom and do the unthinkable. I hate myself for that. I know im destroying my body. But, i dont knoww....

You are strong!!

Hey! Thank you so much for posting your thoughts on this forum! I definitely know how scary it is when we first contend with the thought that an eating disorder has taken over our lives. But we can get it back!! Have you looked at NEDA's stories of hope or the page about recovery?


It is very hard to fight an eating disorder by ourselves. Would you be able to see a therapist? NEDA can help you find a specialist if you call the helpline 1-800-931-2237. I know it is scary, but would you be able to seek help from your mom? She loves you and is there to help!

Is there anything in particular I can help you with? I'm recovered from a subset of bulimia so if you would like I can share my story!

Getting Help Now

Hello I am new here, but not to eating disorders. I am happy to see that although you are still so young that you do realize that you do need help with this. I am still struggling and have come here for support myself after many years of ups and downs. It's a blessing to be able to reach out. Keep strong honey. This can be beaten.

You are not alone!

You are not alone! Posting here took a lot of strength and seeking support will be important to your recovery. Would you feel comfortable opening up to your parents or other family members? I know it can be scary but sometimes having that support can help you get on the road to recovery and beat this. Even if you start a conversation with your doctor, here are some ideas on how to open up the topic: And as michael mentioned, the helpline is always available to help with any questions or concerns you might have. Stay strong and remember you are not alone!

It'll be okay

Hey :) I'm 14 and I know exactly how you feel. You are NOT ALONE! I know you'll get through this :) stay strong

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