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Having to work

Hi. Thank you all four support during this very difficult time I am going through. I am working tomorrow even though I have little energy and my arms hurt when I move them. I have to undergo neurological testing and see my psychiatrist. I have no idea how long it will be that I won't be driving. I am at my parent's now but plan on going back tomorrow. I have to be driven to work. Because of my mood my mom wants me to be supervised but she trusts me so hopefully I can go back to my house tomorrow. Thanks for reading this.

re: Having to work

Hey iwanttolive—I'm so sorry you have to work after such a trauma!!! I'm glad you're going to get some tests and hopefully get closer to being well again. Fingers crossed you can get back in your own bed soon (but please take time to heal and let others take care of you if you need it)! You are in my thoughts!