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Well, I am going back to work, thank You Jesus!!!!!!!!!!! I even get one of my ladies back and may get the other one if her present new aide doesn't work out for some reason. I am really happy. And I have a car I am looking at next week that sounds perfect; I am not driving yet but will eventually be cleared for that as well. SO HAPPY

That's great!

I'm really happy for you.

working again

SO, I am approved to go back to work. Monday. With one of my former clients. AND I got a letter just today and the other client said she doesn't want anyone but me. The office staff are a bit concerned because I have been ill and she needs stability, so when I got this card today after leaving the office, I believe God is answering my prayers. It is ultimately up to the staff. They said if the other aide doesn't work out they would contact me. But she wants me back and usually they need to listen to what the client wants. SO, pray, pray, pray, that they will give her back to me.

I am really exited and rejoicing. Even if I don't get the one client back, which I think I will, I am still excited.


What wonderful news! I'm so excited for you:) I will be praying that your client is given back to you as well. Praise God for His deliverance in all of this!


That's wonderful news. Hugs.

That's awesome!!!

I'm so happy to hear things are going much better than they were. PTL!!! :-)


It's nice to hear someone so positive and who has so much to look forward to. Hope you feel well enough to drive soon and have fun working again and being with others and helping to make a difference in the quality of your life and of your community you are reaching out to help. Congrats...

Thank you

Thank you Chunkeymonkey68 for your encouragement. I am excited to being able to return to work on Monday. Starting of slow. Have a good night.