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great session with therapist just wanted to share

Had a great session with my therapist feeling better about so much. She feels i am not depressed though not discounting my feelings but she feels i am feeling great sadness over events in my life that are sad and i have a right to those feelings. she feels my symptoms are just who I am like not wanting to go out, not wanting to go to work etc. I just want to be on my own she feels maybe I just have to sit in my feelings and its just i want to be alone and its not isolation i am just a bit of a homebody and its who I am and its not a bad thing. I just have to not use negative coping mechanism as she feels i know and she knows it does not actually help me. I just sit there and feel bad and then I want to restrict and cut for the instant relief. she feels i can do this and get out of it. i just don't understand feelings i ask her if it is ok to feel a certain way about things and she always says yes my feelings are ok but i need to be reassured as i have a severe history of long term abuse, a family who does not talk about feelings then spent years in therapy where i was pathologized and told what i was. she said she doesn't want to focus on the food but i have to eat she even teared up in our session yesterday over my past and sad i am so sad right now she just wants me to be ok and happy in my skin. she talked to my psychiatrist as well and they feel maybe i just need to be me and not have to be the happy one all the time and just be free to feel my feelings and be ok. I have to do the work and it won't be easy but she knows i can do it. but i still need to gain weight she gave me a hug and said i felt boney so she said go eat but like i said she doesn't want to just focus on the food but i have to be healthy.I have my nutritionist for the food aspect and still working with my psychiatrist who i see Tuesday but I feel better from my session yesterday i was feeling suicidal and maybe still a little so but i have to focus on everything else. still feeling sad what i feel is depression but my therapist says i am reacting to things that are sad and this year has been no picnic. a lot happened so it makes sense. she is sort of changing tactics and i texted her today thank you for yesterday and it meant a lot that she put a lot into perspective and seh said we are both learning and we will get through this together.


Hi!!! That is such great news. And I absolutely agree with your therapist that you don't have to pretend, and fake being happy. You need to worry about yourself and get well so that you can be there for your family, if that even happens. A lot of families as mine too, just want to shove everything under the carpet. But eventually it comes oozing out. I am proud of you for staying the course. Having a therapist that shows emotion and gives hugs and responds to texts is so nice. I don't have that with my current therapist. But I have improved and am in recovery since I started with her. I am so happy for you. Is it going to be easy, no. But you found someone who you can trust and believes in you. I am so sorry your family has hurt you so badly. Feel your feelings, eventually that will help the behaviors to stop, unprofessional opinion, because they won't be bottled up and hopefully the anxiety will be brought down to a more acceptable level. I am so thankful for you sharing your story, you are brave and determined to get well. You are a fighter and it is good to see you walk out your journey. iwanttolive

Thanks for the support. I

Thanks for the support. I have been struggling and higher level of care was mentioned and she wouldn't see me anymore if i had to move back home with my parents. we have a good relationship and i don't want to ruin that she may be right i am not depressed just sad and she is sad for my sadness and seeing her emotion actually made me feel even more loved and cared about than she already makes me feel and just being with her I can be me and she thinks thats part of why i like being with her. i am a little dark but she said its everything about me that makes me loveable even the dark parts about me they are who I am. i want to be more honest at work and less bubbly then i am its hard to be happy all the time i want to be honest even sometimes about my struggles but we all have struggles just different ones. its just sometimes i do need to come home be with myself and not have to fake it. my therapist is learning with me like she said she pushes me to be more social maybe I dont' need to do that or do the conventional things they tell you to do. thats what y therapist said she is sort of changing tactics and maybe that is ok i need to live in a way that works for me and maybe my journey is different.