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Graves Disease

I was just wondering if anybody else who is in recovery from an ED has Graves Disease. I had an ED in my mid/late 20s and have been in semi-recovery for close to 15 years. I say semi because I tend to believe that once you have an ED, it never really goes away. ED is always in the back of my mind anyways. I'm good as long as I don't go over my target wait. Anyways, I was diagnosed with GD a year ago and the tiny white pills that I am supposed to take to hopefully control it made me gain 10lbs in just a few months. ABSOLUTELY not ok! So I took it upon myself to lower my dosage from 3 pills a day to 1/2. They weight came off, no problem. So now my GD is causing all kinds of side effects and my Endocrinologist wants me to increase my dosage to 2 pills/day. I told her about my history of ED and she basically said that yeah with GD when you take the meds you can expect to gain some weight but that I HAVE to take the meds. I CANNOT make myself take those pills. I can get myself to take 1 every other day and 1/2 on the opposite day but that is the best I can do. One of the worst side effects of GD, for me anyways, is the absolute inability to concentrate "brain fog." It is debilitating. I have a wonderful family, a great job and finishing up my masters degree. Oh yeah and stress makes GD worse, just lovely! So my heart is racing and I can't hardly put two words together because of the brain fog. I need to take the meds to help with that but I am terrified of gaining weight. In case I failed to mention, it is next to impossible to lose the weight you gain from the meds. I have not talked to anybody who was successful in doing so without going off the meds. So any advice of eating right and/or exercising more won't help because that does not work, trust me! If anybody else has a thyroid disease and had/has an ED, I would love to hear your story. It would be really great to talk to someone who understands and won't just tell me, "take your meds, what's weight gain anyways"


We have edited your post slightly. Just a reminder, we do not allow any numbers talk on the forums as to not trigger anyone. Everyone is in a different place, and we want to make this a safe place for members to talk.
Thank you for looking on our forums as a place to reach out and ask for help.


I am so glad that you are reaching out for support here. I do not have specific experience with GD, but I have a friend and a family member who are in recovery from eating disorders and also suffer from metabolic disorders. It can be frustrating and upsetting to deal with, so please feel free to come here and vent.

I am wondering if the NEDA Navigators might be able to direct you to some resources that you would find helpful. Many people in recovery from eating disorders are also dealing with other health issues, so you are not alone in this. If you are interested in reaching out to the NEDA Navigators, here is some information from the NEDA website:

To learn more about how you can be connected with a Navigator to receive information and guidance about the eating disorder treatment, support, and recovery process, please contact NEDA's Information & Referral Helpline by calling 1.800.931.2237, emailing [email protected]

I would advise you to continue to speak with your health care provider about your concerns about your eating disorder recovery, GD and medications. We are not health professionals here, so we can't give you medical advice. But we can be here as a sounding board - we all need encouragement and support! I think it is great that you are taking your health seriously. You are worth it. Please continue to seek the support you need on this board and with your health care team. I hope the NEDA Navigators can be of some assistance, too.

Sending thoughts of healing and encouragement to you!

graves disease

Hi, tresmomm, I have GD as well. The weight loss with Graves only lasts so long. Also, the tremendous amount of fatigue and heat intolerance GD causes. Another tip, find a helpful endocrinologist. I found that the more muscle I have, the more calories I burn by literally doing nothing and working out is impossible and dangerous if you aren't being treated properly.


Aqualana, Your post has been edited as we don't give specific medical recommendations on the forum, as we are not medical professionals. If you have any further questions about posting, please consult the community guideslines. Thanks!!