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Hello everyone

I'm just reaching out. I don't have a big point to make but wanted to say Hi and offer some virtual support and kindness to anyone needing it today.
I had a bad day myself yesterday. I can't put my finger on why, but I just could not find any groove to mellow myself out.
Now today, I had a pretty decent day mentally.
I just can't quite predict or gauge all of this.
I want to be healthy, I want to be at peace (happy seems a bit lofty), I want to say ed is not my identity. I want to live my life amongst the living.
Good night everyone, see you at breakfast :)

Hello to you too

Hi JessiJake,

Thank you for offering your time to help others and support them.

These past weeks I've been letting go trying to find exactly why I'm having a bad moment/day and it has worked wonders. Disclosure, maybe it works on me because normally I always want to know the reason of what's influencing my mind and, while knowing the why is good, I believe I took it to an unhealthy habit. These days whenever I'm having a bad day (if it isn't something highly important/with consequences) I'd tell myself "well, after giving it some decent thought I couldn't figure out the reason, that's it from me, I can't know it all so I'll just relax and accept that sometimes something is influencing you and you won't know, just relax focus on things that makes you feel good and who knows maybe the answer will get to you later".

Anyways, I know it's highly improbable that your experience/situation is similar to mine but I thought it was worth mentioning it just it case it can help sometime in the future.


I like to know "why" I'm feeling or thinking like I do. Letting go seems to be very key, though. I find this hard to do when I get fixated on something. It's so exhausting as it's usually because I'm upset about whatever it is and I've found being angry is just so soul-sucking.
I'm going to give myself a bit of credit recently as I've found some peace (if that's the right word) with living with my returning college-age children and their habits (which includes food & eating). This used to wreck havoc on my ed needs (and I'm sure I will still have my moments). LET IT GO! They are not me, nor should I judge myself by them or what they do.
The biggest help, I think, is that I have a new job and it keeps me out of the house a bit as well as a good distraction from EVERYTHING.
I appreciate that you responded and your advice.
Today, a good day - I worked, I let some stuff go and I feel more even keel.
Happy almost weekend!

Hi again :-)

Hello! Thank you for reaching out to offer help and support on this forum… you are a wonderful soul T_T <3 I hope things are going better for you since this post. Recovery is never a straight line and it never truly ends… but I hope very much that good days outnumber the bad until bad days are practically a thing of the past, they’re so rare. <3 We’re all here for you on your journey! <3 Sending you lots of love :-)