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Anxiety is killing my appetite...

i have OCD,GAD,PTSD,and social anxiety disorder.

I feel like so much of the time i am just flooded with adrenaline and cortisol and no matter what i do i can't calm down.Always in fight or flight.

One thing that is making recovery difficult for me is that all this anxiety simply kills my appetite.

I try to push through, but for instance today all i have had was a very small late breakfast and two supplements.

Logically i know that it is likely if i nourished my anxious brain i might be at least a little less anxious, however i am still finding it incredibly hard to eat when i feel this way.

I think on some level as well that as restricting seemed to minimize my anxiety and gave my ocd a sole focus-weight loss, to be perfectly honest i think a part of me is probably still trying to restrict away the anxiety and my ocd thoughts which now have new places to take me....

I am just really struggling with this...must try and push through and unsure how to.

Have you tried squared

Have you tried squared breathing also sometimes what's familiar can help or try going to eat with someone so you can feel more relaxed when eating
Try and create a heathy relationship with food

I know it's all easier said then done and different things help people but at least try
Also pray give yourself a sense of calmness
I really hope you keep trying please don't stop trying
Things will get better

Thank you for your supportive reply...

Thank you,Lightinthedark.....

I was feeling very much alone so i appreciate your reaching back to me.

I do do box breathing but can usually only make it up to a count of 3, 4 if I'm lucky. I find my breath just gets stuck-

I do have someone i feel safe eating with, but he isn't always available.

I am going to keep trying....thank you again for your support.

Anytime please take things

Anytime please take things one day at a time