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I literally never learn

After my boss has blamed me, accused me of lying and told me he can't do anything about the trauma and illegal thing that happened to me with my coworker, I still continue to text/talk to him hoping he will do something as if he's the police. I know he's not gonna do anything but I'm so determined for someone to hear and and do something that I keep trying and trying and trying to get someone to do something about what happened. But at the same time I feel dramatic and like I need to stop trying when I know nothing will happen.

Emotions are valid

No one on the outside can deny your emotion. Emotions are personal!!
Sometimes our emotions aren't helpful though. So while its not at all unreasonable for you to feel as you do, you have a job you have to do. Your HR team may be able to help you ask for accommodations that would make you more comfortable. Think about what would and go in prepared to ask.
And a general mental health expert might be able to help you explore how to reframe your thinking so you can learn from mistakes but not have such a low view of self.