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I’m set to enter an Acute care facility for weight restoration some time in the next week and a half and then off to residential. My mother’s coming to drive back from school with me tm and I can’t wait to see her. I finally had that revelation last night and told myself I had to stop restricting, it was like my mind just gave up on the disorder and my body was screaming “THIS IS NOT ENOUGH” when I thought about the food in front of me. So I spoke with my mom on the phone, spoke with her as I ate some snacks in my room and felt some relief. I got lunch today, hasn’t even stressed me out that much. This is a start. I can recover and I will recover.

You're going to do great :)

I just wanted to say that i am so glad you are going into treatment with a good attitude and in a strong headspace.

That will help you so much in your recovery.

All the best to you!