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How are you doing?


Hi im sorry I haven't been here so often! Life got really busy. How are you?

So, for me. I'm experiencing anger towards my ed. I'm angry I can't be like all of the other beautiful girls in my school and community that have healthy relationships with food and that they can eat whatever the heck they want without looking ugly or feeling like total failures.
I haven't conquered any fear foods and I'm a year into recovery. I gained weight on safe foods. I reached a healthy weight on safe foods. And so now I feel extra stuck because I know I gained weight with those I'm absolutely and positively terrified that I will blow up with the fear foods. And I'm fooling my therapist and family by saying im recovering when I'm kinda not...
Anyway! sorry for the rant! How are you?

I can relate

I spent from age 8-38 in eating disorders. I felt the exact same. Have you considered maybe the "pretty girls" of your school are dealing with the same thing and just really good at hiding? And what is their character? What is their heart and true Beauty like? I found once I became comfortable in the body I have now, I don't obsess over it. I think about it, but I love my life. I now just put on a comfortable outfit, head out with my amazing husband out to meals or the movies or to the mall and just enjoy my life and time with him.
I am free. I am happy.

I’m new here

Well I’m new here and never received help before always all my own and been in and out recovery since I was 13. Decided to try here cause once again I slipping back to skipping eating for days at a time or only eating a small snack a day. I am hoping here will finally put a end of suffering alone especially when I had no support from family they just yell and lecture me which makes it worse. My partner thankfully has been my rock and calmly handles it and reminds me our daughter needs to see me healthy :)

Yeah I’m sorry that this is

Yeah I’m sorry that this is all happening to you! I was heavily struggling before but slowly and surely (with intervention needed) I was able to come out of it just a little bit better. I suggest getting professional help! You’re strong and got this!

Trying to heal

Thank you so much for those powerful words. It’s honestly a struggle, but it gives me hope you’ve managed to reach a point in your life that this isn’t what it used to be for you. Goodness this is hard! But I know that someday I can also be like you and find happiness thank you so much.

You're very welcome

I'm glad my life and story could give you hope. My relationship with Jesus and my faith have also played a big part in my recovery. Without that relationship, I wouldn't be here.