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Will I fail the general physical??

OMG, I am so excited to have received an offer to work part time at a county park this summer in the visitor center/equipment rental office.
It's right up my alley.
I just found out I need to do a physical for the job. It's to determine if I'm capable of doing the tasks required.
OMG, what if I fail the physical? I'm anorexic. I don't have the energy and strength I once had. I know what tale my basic stats tell. Will this be enough for them to say no?
I never considered this.
I used to work at a bakery/cafe. It was actually fairly physical, but I did it. I would sometimes be pretty tired at the end of a shift, but I handled it.
The scary thing is that I'm afraid of someone using just the stats and not really looking at me to determine what I'm capable of.
All this for a part time job - and temporary at that. It only goes to November.
This will be a big kick in the pants if I lose the job because of this.
I can't even begin to imagine that outcome.

OMG .....

Way to go girl.

Eat right and work hard,

that's the DREAM for most people.

You just gotta want it.

You gotta feel good, and do good.

I know you can do it.

Best of Luck in your career endeavor.

Passed the physical...

So, I'm on my way to starting my part time job at a nearby county park visitor center. The physical was easier than I thought but did have three moments where anorexia was the reason for the result. My weight, my blood pressure and I had to lift a fairly hefty amount of weight for a "lift test". After the nurse weighed me she asked if that was really correct, after my blood pressure she asked if that was normal for me, and although I managed to do the heaviest part of the lift test, the therapist acknowledged that amount was probably past my normal range (I knew that!). However, given the nature of my job she passed me with instructions on how to do it safely should that come up which seems actually unlikely.
I will need to take care of myself better physically, though, for this job. I can't continually be in depravation mode and expect myself to perform well.
I'm confident I can do this and there is hope this will be another stop forward into recovery. :)

Congrats on the New Job and in Passing your Pre-employment exam

When do you begin working, and will you be working Full-Time?

I know that some days I feel like I have no energy so there are days that I need to take off just to rest and de-stress from an early awakening routine that goes daily M-F, and then Fri and Sat eves I also have a 2nd PT job in retail.

I just want to wish you the best of luck in your new Job. Keep in touch here, whenever you need support from NEDA.

Started my job...

I will be working part time. I started this past monday. I think the job will be fine, perhaps a bit boring, but I'll be around people and out of the house. All of that is good.

However, I'm in a bad state right now. We were gone over the weekend and I got a migraine. I took my med which I thought got rid of it but I still have it. I had a migraine with aura this afternoon and now I do have a new headache. So, I'm thinking it's been lingering since I first got it Friday morning. I thought maybe I was sick but realized for sure today it was the continuing migraine. If I wasn't working this new job I'd take tomorrow off to recover, but it's only my second day so I feel I must. I just took another migraine med so hopefully this might take care of it for good.
But, this weekend was kind of an indulgent weekend as we went to a family wedding and I ate more and drank some alcohol which I rarely do. I can't rationalize with myself that what I did was "ok". I want to restrict and control myself until I can feel the way ed makes me feel.
It's crazy because I was just with my daughter and I did so well. I felt good about how I was eating and accepting that increasing my intake was good in so many ways.
As soon as I got home and then this past weekend stripped all that away. My husband is actually a trigger for me and I have a very hard time around him now with food and meals. I'm not sure what to do about that.
I asked him if he was thinking of having a dessert after our dinner tonight because I had almost convinced myself that it was ok if I did. He said he'd have a small one. That's all it took for me to feel I was wrong and decide to not have a dessert at all. In the moment it makes me very upset - angry at him, disappointed in myself and I wrestle with feeling I'm missing out yet knowing that if I don't skip dessert I'll have major regret for eating it later. So, it's not worth it.
This is very rambling but I wanted to get it out.