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Wondering If anyone has dealt with this.


I am a 25 year old male. I lost a lot of my body weight over the course of almost 2 years. I realized I was anorexic and after a hospital trip knew I needed to recover. So I started recovery in April of 2021. I have really plugged away since then but about 2 months into recovery I started to experience a really intense post starvation hyperphagia. This sped up weight recovery but at first was really hell. The hyperphagia has calmed down a bit since then but is still pretty debilitating. I still am being woken up by intense hunger pangs every night. During the day I am constantly answering my hunger but it seems to be only physical hunger. I do not have much of an appetite and being in this state for so long now has seemed to really effect my GI tract. Making me feel nauseous and sometimes resulting in vomiting. I also can only get through half a meal before it comes hard to eat, feels as though I am forcing myself to eat. I have overshot my pre starvation weight. I have more fat now which I know fat overshoot is common but I also have more lean mass than I had before. I know the hyperphagia can persist until fat free mass is restored but I don't know with the amount of weight overshoot and my increasing GI problems I am just curious if something else could be wrong. I have been working with my doctors and they haven't been able to pin point something either. I think the constant hunger is causing a lot of excess stomach acid which is harming my GI tract. However I can't eat more during the day without becoming sick and I can't eat while I am sleeping.
Has anyone had a similar experience this far along into their recovery?