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Recovery Guilt

Recently, I have been struggling with the idea of recovery. I have been in recovery for about a year now, and I have reached my overshoot weight. The little voice in my head has been telling me I need to get back to my "set point weight" that I was before my eating disorder, but my body has been consistent at my overshoot wight. Is my set point weight just higher now? I found myself having thoughts about going back to my old ways, so I wanted to reach out here for support.

You're doing great!

Dear Dancer4Life,
Hang in there! Don't listen to the little voice telling you something you know it's not good. Keep going with your recovery plan. You can do this! Every time you say no to the little voice, you are a winner! And you will be healthy again. Don't worry too much and try to have some fun too.

Hang in there. I completely

Hang in there. I completely understand where you are coming from. I myself have been in recovery going on 3 years. Breathe in and out and try to use your coping mechanisms you may have learned to silent your busy thoughts. You got this.