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During anorexia recovery, one of my biggest physical struggles has been bloating by far. Everyone says that it goes away with time and consistency, but I've been in recovery for 9 months and reached weight restoration over a month ago, and it's still very severe. Is anyone else struggling with this? Is it normal to last this long and be so severe? I wake up bloated in the mornings too and it makes it very uncomfortable to eat.

I Bloat Too

After I had eaten too much salt, following my diet of healthy foods, My belly was beginning to bloat outwards daily.

I also wear a face mask at work, and have noticed that I am not letting go of the oxygen which needs to be exhaled.

I breath In but Not sufficiently when i breath out.
I have found that this also has affected my abdominal area in distending out,

Therefore zipping up the front tummy area of my pants
is becoming a chore.

I do not wear dresses often.

If I do it's on a bloated day and therefore I cant fit
into my blue jeans, so a dress is my last resort

of what I choose to wear for the day.............

Good luck with your bloating problem, and enjoy a nice walk every once in a while. I also journal, and watch Netflix, and keep busy with housekeeping duties and paying my bills.

Take care of yourself and practice mindful breathing, "In and Out."

It may be something other than food. I would also recommend a medical exam to rule out any other female problems, or signs in need of internal medicine.

Thank you very much :) I will

Thank you very much :) I will try that!
I have seen a few doctors about it and they think it's still just my body getting used to food, and is most likely a gluten and dairy sensitivity. We tried ruling them out for a couple weeks and it definitely helped, but eliminating gluten and dairy from my diet is too restrictive for my recovery and caused other problems so that's something to look at further down the track.
I also wear dresses a lot! They're a life saver with constant bloating aha

Hi gr4cie

Hi gr4cie, thank you for posting. We’re sorry to hear about what’s been going on and we encourage you to speak with a healthcare provider about your concerns. If you need assistance finding resources in your area, please feel free to contact the NEDA Helpline at 800.931.2237 M-Th 11am-9pm ET and F 11am-5pm ET. Additionally, you can chat with us online M-Th 9am-9pm ET and F 9am-5pm ET. Please don’t hesitate to reach out and take care.

This is a normal reaction as

This is a normal reaction as your body has started working again. Your intestines digest food like before after a long period without food. But there is a possibility that anorexia has led to consequences such as food intolerance. An allergist-immunologist gives individual recommendations before testing. It is necessary to take a food intolerance test. You must not eat for 4-5 hours before the blood test and exclude alcohol, some hormones, and antihistamines for 2-3 days. Be sure to consult with a specialist - the study must be reliable!