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Unsure if I have a disorder

My wife is concerned I have an unhealthy relationship with food because I count calories and macros daily. I do have a bit of body dysmorphia because of a lot of things:
When I was a kid I was very skinny as a wrestler, so that did harbor a negative relationship with food at a young age. College freed me from that and I put on a ton of weight rapidly. Then I lost a lot of weight to get healthier about 4 yes after graduation, which focused mostly on avoiding certain foods and exercising. And I was in a stage performance in 2019 where I lost weight to fit a vision, but I had the understanding that I wouldn't ever do that again once the show ended.
Since then I've just been counting to make sure I eat the right amount of food for my size, and keep things balanced. This to me feels like a more generalized idea of eating. I also exercise several times a week. I'm not skipping meals, though I do tend to skip a snack in the day and then binge later at night.

Is this obsessive? Or some type of disorder?


Hi B4TM4N! Welcome to the forums! Your post has been edited to comply with NEDA’s Community Guidelines. Diet specifics and numbers can be triggering to other users. Please take a moment to review our guidelines, and please continue posting - we're so glad you're here.


Hey there,

Well, it does sound like you've been involved in a lot of episodes where weight and eating has been tied into your self-image, so there's that.
But what I would ask myself is to what extent these sorts of things are getting in the way of things from an emotional standpoint. That would seem to be what defines " a problem" to me.
Also, what sort of level of anxiety or self-condemnation might you find yourself feeling if you strayed from whatever routine you have set for yourself ? I think that's a measure of things as well.
In any case, just some things to think about.