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forced into recovery

i feel as if im being forced into recovery. like its being used as an ultimatum for anything and everything i want to do this year for school. i go to a out of area school and my moms friend thats a teacher brings me. she knows about my ed because shes in the same building as the counselor and the counselor told her. about a week ago i had a really bad headache and she asked my sister where i was and she told her i stayed home because i had a headache, she then proceeded to tell my sister and the counselor that if i dont get better she wont take me to school anymore. that absolutely broke me honestly. i hate that a mental illness is constantly brought up to me and held over my head for anything. my mom will be like "if you dont eat ... you cant go ..." like okay? i dont understand how this is trying to make me better. recovery is hard as it is and theyre honestly not making anything better at all. obviously im going to keep trying at recovery but its so hard


Yeah, the idea that people can be shamed or bullied or punished into getting better….you gotta wonder what school of psychology that comes from.