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Simple meal ideas?

This is my first time posting on a forum like this, I'm really nervous to submit this but I'd really appreciate some help or feedback or even some kind words.

I struggled with bulimia for a couple years in college. It started with dieting and counting calories until it progressed to throwing up almost all day long, everyday. I was always hungry and the only thing I could think about was what food I was going to eat next and how I would purge. I tried stopping at various times, but could never quite fully pull myself out of the hole I dug around me. I dated a few guys in that time and each time they found out, they were really angry with me and the relationship would end shortly after. I felt like a ticking time bomb.

One day I started dating the guy of my dreams, a guy I had a crush on since I was 14 and it turned out he liked me the whole time too. I decided to fully quit bulimia. Of course I had some slip-ups in the first week of trying, but eventually I stopped puking. I had to learn how to eat fast and sugary food again without feeling sick. I had to learn how much food was a normal amount because I hadn't felt full in years. The first time I felt full and let myself digest my food I cried because it had been so long since I felt 'normal'.

I started recovery on my own, but after I felt confident eating and digesting food I eventually told my boyfriend and he was perfectly wonderful about it. I had to teach him my needs, but he never made me feel bad. By the way, he lives in Massachusetts and I live in Texas. He FaceTimed me for every meal and told me I was beautiful and perfect every single time I started worrying about my weight.

Over the summer I got a job in Massachusetts and lived with him in a tiny room in a house he shared with 4 guys. It was hard at first and there was even a time I almost gave up because he didn't understand I needed to eat at the same time everyday because otherwise I wouldn't eat at all. We talked it out and developed a plan. It ended up working out and I got used to living with the perfect, most loving, caring person.

Summer ended and I had to go back to Texas for my last semester of college. I'm doing well in my classes because I don't skip and I always get my work done, but I'm struggling with eating again. For some reason almost all food looks gross to me. I don't think I'm eating nearly as much as I should be even though I'm really trying. I was really happy with my weight, but now I'm almost back to my high school weigh. I've never really struggled with anorexia before, but that seems to be my new problem.

I'm not sure if it's because I'm sad from missing my boyfriend or scared of food because of my past relationship with it, but something's definitely wrong. I used to always be hungry and now I never am. Yesterday I felt sick while sitting at my computer, so I stood up and my vision went black at the edges. I crumpled to the floor and dropped everything in my hands and waited on the floor in the fetus position for the feeling to go away. I ended up taking a nap and ordering food for dinner and then sleeping very early. I feel alright now, but a little shaken.

I think I'll feel better if I get back into a routine of eating at the same times everyday, but I've never been a very good cook and usually just ate microwavable meals. The problem is that type of food just looks gross to me now. I was hoping some of you might have some simple, fresh meal ideas for a recovering bulimic/possible anorexic that I could make easily. The less complex the better.

Thank you for reading, sorry it's long.

welcome to the forums

Hi braviary18, welcome to the forums. We are glad that you reached out for some advice and support. However, the NEDA Community Guidelines do not allow discussion for nutritional advice. We slightly edited your post to remove specific weight numbers. Thanks for your understanding and please continue to post!  

your not alone

I can relate to you so much I actually had to drop my classes this semester because I was getting to overwhelmed with School, my daughter, my health and looking for a place.

I have alarms set to help me eat that way I dont feel like I have to rely on my man to tell me. This transforms from being dependent on him to being independent and reaching recovery for myself.

I also use supplement to help me get the nutrients protein and anything else I may not be getting enough of from meals. (sometimes I miss meals because I tend to overwork myself)

im not the best cook either I like to use Pinterest for some recipes and cook books but you can always make your own cook book with your favorite dishes you find from Pinterest.

no im going to take my own advice and try to us it for myself cause I've been going through the same thing.

I hope this helps! <3

you got this I believe in you and you are not alone in this.

Dear ilostmyself.98, We would

Dear ilostmyself.98, We would like to inform you that we edited your post to remove the nutritional advice. As per our community guidelines, any kind of advice is not allowed on the forums. Thanks for your understanding and please continue to post!