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We’re new to the subject, looking for advice

My wife and I learned of this disorder just a few months ago, and our daughter is in a 6 week daily program that she seems to like. She came to us for help, and has acknowledged her dis-association with food along with other anxieties and stresses for some time.

The center she is at never surveyed us for family history, but they did require her doctor to sign off. She is upfront, vocal, honest in her desire to get better, and does not (apparently) have other related symptoms such as body image issues, AR or BR,etc. . In addition, heavy marijuana use over the past few years has led us to research Hyperemesis.

The big picture question I have is this- how to know if an eating disorder was diagnosed correctly, vs. just an additional symptom of her anxiety? In other words, do we spend energy and resources focusing on ED or a more whole body/ holistic approach to identify possible alternative root causes?

Thank you in advance.