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Managing the stages of recovery and what to stay

My daughter (20yrs)is on the recovery journey from anorexia. Following a hospital stay she is now home and has put on weight. She now has moments where in her words she binges and also feels she is always hungry. Apparently this can happen - can it?? She now really hates/ is utterly disgusted with how she looks and thinks she is overweight ( which she isn’t) She is so tired of trying to recover and it’s heartbreaking to see her so distressed and disgusted with herself.

I understand this is another stage of recovery but whatever we try to do to encourage and support her to keep going just doesn’t resonate and she has a negative response to whatever we say. . She has a psychologist she meets once a week - I have encouraged her to have more sessions as I feel she needs more professional help to help her through this current stage. We also try distraction activities but she’s also scathing about this

Any others tips/advice that we can use?

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Hi Cath - your post had to be edited to remove weight stigmatizing language. Please take a movement to review our Community Guidelines, and please continue posting!