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Do I have an eating disorder?

Hi guys, this is kinda scary lol. Anyways I am a 19 year old male, a freshman in college. I am reaching out because I am scared to talk to people I know in person about this topic. I have not gone to the doctor about any of my mental health concerns due to fear of my parents overworrying about me which makes me stress out more. If I say that I have a mental health disorder or imply that I feel like I have it, and I do not but this process offends anybody I sincerely apologize.
I have been struggling with what I feel is anxiety for years now, but it is not to the point where it messes with my functionality so I think i'm fine there. I started having what i belive to be bipolar episodes in eight grade. I go through phases where I am extremely depressed, but then something can happen and I will become extremly happy, but I am also more happy than sad so IDK if I qualify as bipolar. Now with the eating disorder it has been going on since freshman year. I would change my body to what other people wanted. During football season I was a lineman and would gain weight to be at my heaviest. I was 5 foot 5 at the time. I would do this by stuffing myself full of food. During baseball season however I would need to lose weight, the lowest I got during baseball was less than my heaviest and I was 5 foot 7. The way I acheived this was by starving myself for 2-3 days while doing my atheltics. Then I would gourge myself for a day, feel terrible and start over. I was so proud of the number on the scale, but still hate the way my body looks. About 3 months ago I stopped starving myself and havent felt like this, but recently I have started hating my body again even though I havent put on any weight and I feel that I am going to fall back into that cycle.

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