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Trying to help someone with no response

A friend of mine has a friend with an eating disorder and I knew about it for several months, but since I didn’t know the girl I felt it wasn’t my place to reach out or say anything. Over the last six months, it seems like she has been getting smaller and so she must still be struggling. I reached out to her and she sent a brief thank you. I got a message from our mutual friend telling me her mom really appreciated it (she’s in high school) and that I should keep reaching out. I’ve sent her positive messages which she reads and doesn’t respond to. Yesterday I sent her a message that said something like “how are you really? I want to help you in any way I can” and even though I was asking her a question she read it and didn’t respond. I’d like to think it’s the kind of thing where I should keep checking in without a response to give her support. But also we don’t actually really know each other, just through the friend. When I was in her place, I didn’t love some person I barely knew trying to talk to me but I did at least have someone to talk to. I don’t know if I should let her be since it isn’t my place, or keep reaching out.

Have you suffered from an

If I were the person you're reaching out to I would think it isn't your place. Especially if you don't know them.