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Residential Treatment Nostalgia

Hey everyone. I have been discharged to outpatient from res for a little over a year now, and I keep finding myself missing res SO MUCH. I feel like even though it was hard and scary, I felt safer there surrounded by people who understood me and I don't have that security now that I am at home, trying to manage recovery, a job, and finish my last semester of college. Does anybody else miss treatment? Is that weird?

Definitely not weird! It’s

Definitely not weird! It’s been about 7 years since I was last inpatient, and I find myself missing it at times. Even though it’s so hard and scary, everything is taken care of. YOU are taken care of! We don’t have to worry about food or really anything except following what’s prescribed. There’s a lot of comfort in that routine. That and just being around people we can really relate to who are going through the same thing…it has such a powerful impact. You are definitely not alone. Maybe it would be helpful to reach out to some supportive friends at this time? Even if you don’t talk about ED stuff, just to have someone to talk to through all the stress you’re having to deal with right now may be so helpful. Remember, you are loved, and you deserve to have support