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I Finally Returned to My Onsite Job Today

I felt anxious before checking for my day's work assignment.

I checked and just when I thought I had not seen any jobs

for the day, I found one that fit my schedule today.

I found that in order to feel full, and energetic,

I must eat breakfast, at least 1.5 hrs before I leave for work.

I also take vitamins and a supplement.

I am slowly increasing my supplement month by month.

Then when I walk at night, before dinner.

When I arrive home, usually this is dinner time.

I feel so tired straight through my walk,

I think I have self induced TMJ now.

Oh well, gotta go chew my gum.

Bye, take care all of you forum writers.

4 blocks round my neighborhood.

I chew a super minty gum until

my jaw can't chew no more...

I chew gum at both of my jobs too.

I am adhering to my choice of healthy meals, and watch Netflix

for the rest of the evening, after work from my PM retail job.

I am now going to bed earlier, than during Covid Recess.

My lights are out by 10PM, and I'm sleeping well for now.

I still have 2 totally different jobs, and lots to work

is a good thing for my "Living Budget".

Dear 2Healthy4me, we would

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Ok, thanks..................

I 'll try harder.