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Depressed kid

How have you been doing lately?

Hi you

I'm kind of mad. I felt like I was feeling better than in a long time and I felt like I had some sort of control again.. Then I decided to have fun with my friends and we went to a restaurant and everything was lovely.

But today I just feel like I can't do anything fun anymore. I feel terrible about the amount of food I ate and the fact that I didn't exercise because I was with my friends.. This just takes too much energy.

But that is how I'm doing right now.

Please do also tell how you are doing? Tell if somethings on your mind but if everything is going well tell that also. It would be nice to hear something good.

New name?

It's good hearing from you. In regards to my eating disorder recovery, I've been doing really well. In terms of trauma, I'll be going inpatient for major ptsd on Friday. I am really struggling. Lots of flashbacks and body memories. Night is hell.