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Snacking control

I have been in AN recovery for months and can confidently say that I am very close to healthy and normal eating, as well as food freedom. There is only one thing that has been bothering me.

Ever since I started my recovery, I have been having difficulties in controlling my snack portions. Almost every time I have to finish the whole pack of snack to stop. I tried to stop amid, district myself, find replacement, all did not work out. I did snack before AN but I always stopped naturally. Yet, I feel like I lost that ability/ power now...

Anyone shares similar experience? What can I do?


I feel like I have to finish the whole pack too, so I try to buy the individual packs. Or I will put my snack in a bowl so I feel satisfied that I ate the whole thing, but didn't eat the whole bag! I usually do this when I'm craving a certain snack