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Really Worried over my Weight Gain after Covid Recess.....

I am still gaining weight.

I have never felt this way before.

I eat regularly, within moderation, and exercise 4 x a week or so.

Everything I do is in Moderation.

After I took a tumble down my apt stairs about 8 months ago, my body has had achy thighs, pelvic bones, and now swelling in my ankle area.

I did freak out and have been taking OTC water pills to help w/ this foot problem.

I cant even wear normal footwear to my retail job currently from this swollen foot.

I only eat X meals a day and X snacks as well.

Nothing is snacked on that would even cause me to gain weight, sometimes 1 Lb. a day.

I have donated all my gently used jeans, and other dresses, some which I was planning to wear when I fit into them as they were just a tad tight on me.

I had to order new dresses, exercise pants, tops for work, etc.

I am frustrated over these changes in my body weight and size.

Still waiting for the town pool to re-open.

Still only walk a few blocks per nights off from work, as my thigh and foot problem are painful currently.

I buy clothes but keep wearing this 1 type of summer shorts and gym tops.

When I do take eve walks I feel angry that I am only able to walk for exercise currently.

I am grateful to God for what I do have, and all my working body parts, but still hard to accept the changes to my body currently.

Hi 2Healthy4me,

I am sorry to hear about your health and weight struggles. Often, I feel like you. I often ask myself: "Why if I am doing all the right things, I am feeling worse?

I do not have an answer. What I think is happening is that even though we are finding a balance in our lives (food/exercise-wise), we are unable to avoid our body complaining for so many years living an ED-life.

Also, we are not 15, anymore. Besides all the damage we have done to our muscles and joints, for sure some other aches come from aging and recent injuries.

In your particular case, I think your weight increase comes from your water retention problem. Please talk to a doctor and also tell him about your body aches. Sometimes, water retention causes everything to hurt. Also, you fell down from the stairs. Please ensure everything is okay.

The other day, one of my Uni counsellors replied back to an email I sent him (he is retired, already). He said: "The more that I age, the more that I learn just to observe and feel".

I am hyperactive, I suffer a lot when I can not practice my favorite exercise. But at the same time, I think of what may happen when I am old or disabled... Maybe, I will learn to observe and feel...It is just another way of living life (besides doing/moving our body).


Thank you Annet

You sound like such a wise person.

Hi 2Healthy4me,

I am an average person. But lately, I think I am more open to what the universe, life, my body and other people want to tell me.
We are all wise. Wiseness is inside of us. You are, too.

Gee Thanks

Stay healthy, and wise.

Take care and keep up the good work, 1 Day at a Time.....