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Food Addiction, Eating too much, gaining weight, binge eating

(Excuse my english grammar). So 2 years ago I am very obese teen, and then I suddenly want to lose weight cause I’m very ashamed of my body and I have a family history of diabetes & high blood pressure so I try to workout and and loose some weight to be in a healthy range, In 2 years and of course. I am very happy that I loss that tremendous amount of weight in my age, to be healthier and so I can wear all my fitted clothes. So the next month I come up a plan for exercising and eating healthy and also the time I bought a scale thats the start of my scale obsession start and also my eating disorder/problem it started when I watch mukbang videos/cooking shows/food vlogs. At first I said i’m gonna eat only certain foods and because I have money I can buy food whatever I want and how much I want to consume I hide a food from my cousin and to mom in my closet go outside when my mom and cousin are busy, then increase how much I eat, which is very high for my age and it very depressing for me and concerning.

I’m suffering from food addiction,binge eating, eating disorders or some case I have Bulimia for almost a month now. I didn’t go to the doctor and I don’t want to tell my mom cause she doesn’t even care whats happening to me and I don’t have money to go to a dietitian. I was very concerned about my health. I tried to put my money on my moms piggy bank so I cannot use it but I always have an idea to get the money back and change my self I always exercise doing a calorie deficit but my diet only become successful at the first day that I tried it and then the next day I binge my self to fullness. I gained back some weight and also my clothes are starting to shrink I am so very depressed how can I change my life again. I don’t know how long this can last. Maybe I’m getting back to being obese before this thing go away and become fully recovered.


Welcome HernanZ! It's great that you are reaching out and posting on the forums. We did have to slightly edit your post to remove specific numbers, which can be triggering towards others. This violates our community guidelines, which you can view here, Keep posting!