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My OB-GYN exam left me in a Bad Space yesterday..............

Firstly, I went to see my OB-GYN yesterday. We discussed my fibroids. Good news is that they are smaller then when evaluated a few yrs ago.

Then , of course, like every OB-GYN exam, which is always so intimidating to me. I Never have adjusted to this invasive type of annual exam.

Good news is the Dr said that everything LOOKS OK but if begin having a severe period or painful abdominal that I must race to the ER where they may do a spring cleaning of my old lady parts and then that shall be the end of that problem once and 4 ALL.....

The bad news is that I have gained a lot of weight since she saw me last. I felt Very Ashamed sitting naively and having this bad news thrust upon my ears and then my stomach began to tighten and I thought that I would race out to the nearest bathroom and purge.

Secondly, it felt like my restricting ED was triggered all over again from the bearer of this scary, truthful news about my issue of having become overweight in the last few yrs since she had seen me last.

I last saw her when I was at the ER for severe pain in my stomach. My med chart states that I actually had a diverticulitis flare up and was internally toxic. I felt so bad, the EMT had to remove my IV so I could run and throw up in the nearest bathroom.

This rude woman blocked my entrance to the toilet and held a plastic bag for me to throw up into. I couldn't speak OBVIOUSLY-duh, so I had to go around her rude road block. It actually felt like such a relief to rid myself of these acute toxins from my belly.

That day was the 1st time the OB-GYN came in to discuss my other problem currently haunting my womanly organs.

Well, I am just a little more aware of my weight as I have now heard the real news that I have gained a new pet donkey, and lost my feeling of self control and this feels scary to me.

Lastly, I am actually feeling more goal oriented to be careful of what I place into my mouth and I'm sure I will be relapsing into a full fledged case of restricting behavior.

I'm sure I will feel much better when the local pools re-open, and when I find a gym to tone and sculpt my muscles which were in great form just a year and a half ago.

Oh well for now. The bitter Truth is Not sweet 4 me. The truth about my Covid weight gain feels like a fulcrum in my attempt to get healthy. Once I get the Go Ahead from the recreational facilities in my local area, I will be exercising once again.

I hope that you all are working on your plans for achieving a healthier YOU and keep up the great work....

Hi 2Healthy4me,

I am sorry to hear about your health problems. However, it is good that the doctor found you well.
I do hate going to any type of doctor but the ob-gyn is the one I fear the most.
Please do not get frustrated due to your current weight. Life is too short to live by being slaves of what we eat or how much we work out. The best here is to live your life, create your own memories and to send our ED to the back seat.

Whatever weight you may have that is more than your "healthy weight" will eventually go once you resume your normal activities. Please avoid going into restriction because we all know, we do not get anything good from it.


Thanks for the positive feedback

I will try my best....But, sometimes my best isn't always good enough.....

Dear 2Healthy4me, we would

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Thank you

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I am sorry to hear that you

I am sorry to hear that you had a bad experience.

That doesn't sound very good.

That doesn't sound very good. I'm sorry you had to go through all that horror. I can relate to being overweight. I'm not having the easiest time in my life right now, and my period hasn't come in almost two months. So I decided to make an appointment with a gynecologist to find out the problem and what's wrong. Of course, I guess that this happened because of stress in my life, and all the bad things that happened in one period greatly affected my body. I want to solve this problem somehow. Thank you for sharing yours with us.

Hi Gaulithan!

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