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Unsure of how to talk to my daughter about her ED

My young adult daughter is suffering from ARFID. She is presently looking for a therapist/nutritionist to help treat her and wants to get better. She eats, but not nearly enough. I'm unsure of how to speak to her regarding her feelings of food right now and how much she eats (more to the point, doesn't eat). She is currently living with us and I'm trying to buy food for her that she likes and will eat. I cook most nights and try to make a nutritious meal with foods I know she likes. When I see her not eating, my impulse is to tell her to please eat something! I know this is probably not helpful, but I'm not sure how to speak to her without adding to the problem. What's the best way to talk to someone who is suffering from ED? It kills me to see her so thin and not eating, but I don't want to be overbearing and make things worse.

some good ideas

some good ideas can be looked up!

Hi SDmom

Hi SDmom! It's great that your are offering some ideas and support for others, however, we did have to edit your post to remove specific research. This violates our community guidelines which you can view here, , Keep posting!