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I’m not sure if anyone can offer advice but I have relapsed. I’m trying to get back on track in an outpatient setting. With my job being my health insurance I can’t be out of work to get treatment. I don’t have a relationship with who i will refer to them as my biological family. I have been blessed with a second family. I’m not married and no children. What documentation should i put in place for the ED so if i would become unable to make decisions then I can have someone else make decisions and not my blood family? I know power of attorney but do i need anything to be documented specifically for the eating disorder treatment? Or if it would require guardianship then that person becomes that person? I don’t want my family to have any part of my care or decisions or anything.


Hi Ammatox,

Are you already an adult? You mention you work, already. So, I think so. If that is the case, then, I do not think your family would need to be informed if you do not want to. I do not live in the US, so I do not know the rules there. However, you can designate someone as your representative in case is needed.

Use your insurance to get your ED treated. If it is not in a facility, try to get some outpatient treatment and see if that helps you. Maybe that is the level of care you need and you can continue working. However, if that is not enough, I am sure your treatment team would help you to explore other options.


Yes I am an adult and I am

Yes I am an adult and I am currently in outpatient care. I see a dietician, therapist, and today I’m starting group. I’m trying really hard to pursue it on an outpatient basis however my therapist, doctor, and dietician are pushing me for a higher level of care but the problem is I would lose my job and insurance.