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My #1 Security Guard @ Work is Leaving, Anxiety Provoking for Me....

So I'm still working at my retail pharmacy job PT, due to the beloved CV-19 Virus.....

This lil store here where I work has put up w/ so much BS...

They were raided when all the raiders and protesters were all the Go....

Then we had and still have tons of walk in potential 51/50 types on Friday and Sat nights round here.....

The 1 guy at work who is good at scaring these guys away if they become too much of a red hot mess for us cashiers and retail team members, and lovely customers to deal with.

Well he is now leaving to do bigger and better things with his time and Holy Dime...

This new news is making me feel more anxious than usual.

I have a job phone screen scheduled for next week.

The job sounds fun and is related to my experience and education.

1 Job Phone Screen appointment failed to call me yesterday.

But I think that job is physically too far for me to travel,

though when I lived near that job back during college days

it would have been a perfect Job for my field

of training and geographic location.

So, now I'm trying to take 1 day @ a time and try and not become to overwhelmed over my current issues w/ work.

Unemployment is technically stressing me out. For the extension they now require us

to shrink the pic size to fit b4 they allow our PDF's to be accepted. I am no computer techy

type so this is a Glass Ceiling blocking my ability to receive my extended unemployment benefits.

I wonder if my fellow unemployed citizens of the USA are also feeling the same way as I currently am.

They make us excited and show a decent amount which our extension will award us

but then place a Glass Ceiling on our inability to attach our personal ID

to receive our extended benefits. This is also a new epidemic problem w/ the unemployed

people here in California, at least.

This too is a current event issue that's adding to my stress factors.

Luckily my appetite is not stimulated by stress.

i actually lose my appetite from new stress in my life.

OH well, I will keep trying

but it feels like I am walking into a brick wall

and my attempts to continue on with the process just seems kind of pointless!

My rent and bills are real and therefore I must keep pushing forward.

Hope you all are doing ok.

Be well, just make it happen,

good bye and God bless you all.....