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Physical fullness absent

I was around 6-month anorexic and am now 3 months in recovery. I am no longer having extreme hunger or an urge to eat everything available, but I can hardly feel physically full.

I have been having as much low GI food as possible. Still, I hardly have any fullness cues. Even I feel full, I can feel that my stomach is empty an hour later or less, and that I can have a big snacking or even another proper meal.

Meanwhile when I feel my empty stomach, I don’t feel physically hungry, but I do crave food.

My weight keeps going up - I have gained so much weight since my lowest. My BMI has got into healthy range when I was a few kilos off. I am worried that I have pushed up my set point weight.

When I was experiencing extreme hunger, I had to eat all the time. So I am not sure if now my body has just got used to eating a lot/ all the time or it is just another stage of recovery.

Anyone experiencing or had this? I am so confused and I could really use some advice. Thanks!

(and sorry for my bad English)

Hi yvist,

It sounds to me as if you are not completely out of energy deficit. Keep eating. Your body is still doing some repairs. It will take some time for it to completely heal and to get ready to stop those hunger cues.

Trust your body. It knows what is best for you. If it never feels full, it means it still needs to eat.