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Slip up

After 1 month 3 days in recovery I had a slip up where I purged again last night and now today I’m feeling so stubborn to eat and idk what to do. I’m scared but things have been so hard and going back felt like an only option.

Hi Depressedkid,

I am sorry to hear about your slip. Let it be just that... "A slip"...and stand up for yourself and keep going. Do not let this slip to become a full blown relapse.


That Turned to a relapse very quickly... one night I’m purging and the next thing I know my ED is telling me I don’t need to eat and I’m listening. I feel like I let everybody down, everybody was thinking I was better and then this happens. I had a whole month and 5 days In recovery before this relapse. I’m so hungry and I’ve started getting dizzy when I stand up again. I haven’t been so dizzy in a while... my whole church is trying to help by being there and praying for me but it just doesn’t seem to be getting any better. People keep telling me I don’t look like I have an eating disorder and that’s just making my relapse worse, idk what to do anymore