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I Work Today, Then 3 Days OFF

I'm getting ready for work now as I write this entry.

I am happy to look forward to a few days off from work.

Have some bills to pay, healthy food shopping to do,

and need to catch up on my exercise as I haven't walked for a few days.

I'm feeling tight now.

Must get changed into my work scrubbz.

After I had a lite lunch I had the choking sensation

that has become a familiar feeling lately.

Hate the feeling but, "Much a do about Nothing. "

Have a lovely day everyone.....

Hi 2Healthy4me,

I would love to get 3 days off in a row from work! They would help me to break with the pattern of my daily activities. I would say enjoy them the more that you can, take a lot of rest, cook something nice for you, do something that you love and have not done in a long time, give some movement to your body.

About the chocking sensation it happens to me when I am not hungry (but forced to eat) or when I am afraid of eating something because I do not consider it as a "healthy" thing.

In your case, maybe option 2 is the one that makes you feel like that. But practice makes mastery. Keep trying. Eventually, your body will get used to eat that food and will consider it a "safe food". Remember, there are no good or bad foods. All of them are just "energy" to our body.

Balancing what you eat and giving your body what it needs and craves is the key to a healthy body.