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recovering alone and feeling stuck

Hi I am not really even sure what to write but I can say that I am having a hardtime and for me one of the biggest challenges is not having any support (other than a once a week appt with my dietitian and a once a week appt with my counselor). I also am finding it very difficult to remain focused since my main motivation for recovery is to decrease the stress and anxiety I have around food and this whole recovery process feels like it increases the stress and anxiety around food, even though I am told this is temporary. I find it is hard to focus on recovery when mosst of my family and friends encourage the eating disorder more than recovery....idk i guess i am looking at suggestions for added support or support group resources or suggestions on how to stay motivated when you do not have any external motivators and intrinsic motivation is low.....thanks for reading :)


Hi whateveritsfine – sorry to hear that things are hard right now. It is never easy if you don’t feel supported, but we are all rooting for you and here to listen and support. Maybe you could talk to your counselor about finding a group for you to attend? I think having people around who understand is always so helpful.

Sending love and support!! <3


Hi whateveritsfine, we’re sorry to hear that you’re having such a hard time finding support. You deserve to have all the support you need on your journey to recovery and we’d like to encourage you to reach out to the NEDA helpline for assistance in finding resources. The trained volunteers can assist you in finding available treatment/support options for you. You can contact the NEDA Helpline at 800.931.2237 M-Th 11am -9pm ET and F 11am-5pm ET or you can chat with us online M-Th 9am-9pm ET and F 9am-5pm ET. Please don’t hesitate to reach out, and take care.

same bro

Hey! I feel you on a lot of this. I live with my finace on the opposite side of the country from my family and most of my friends. Plus with the pandemic, going out and making friends to increase the support bubble isn't exactly feasible and having only one person to provide support doesn't work that well... and yeah, the added confusion of recovery has done anything BUT make the thought of eating any easier for me either!! I hate being reminded that I'm sick because it feels like a failure, and seeing food is the most obvious reminder. Trying to eat feels more like triggering myself than healing myself a lot of days. I wish I had more like, actual advice to give you other than to remember that even though it feels out of control and you maybe aren't feeling any great results yet from recovery, all the work you're doing is incredibly valid and you should be proud of it; all the hard work starts behind the scenes, not on stage. I'm thinking of you and you are not alone!!