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Male teen that binge eats, but cannot gain weight

To start I am 18, a considerably moderate/healthy weight, lets just say i have a long way before my thigh gap closes.

I hate that I over eat, I don't count my food, but I have enough knowledge to know that I'm eating way beyond healthy portions. I typically don't start eating till about 12, but have recently been eating breakfast at school cause I've even started to get hungry then. When I do eat I bring food to go along with school lunch or whatever I've made for the day, (school lunch typically has smaller nutritional values of everything you need to make up for what some kids may not be getting at home)

After that I eat a snack.

Then for dinner we typically have protein heavy meals, but there are always carb and veggie options. I usually eat about 4 servings of everything at dinner. (like right now I just had a meal, started with a small plate and waited for everyone to eat, then went back for more)

At about 1 AM I eat whatever I can find.

I eat all this during the week, the weekends are similar but my meal times are much more unplanned and also more of what my body considers a "snack"

I currently do not do much for physical activity, I am in band, I play mallet percussion, and I sleep about 12 hours a day.

I honestly have no clue why I cannot gain weight, or why I even eat like this, it's gotten to a point where I'm scared to stop because I may lose weight, or I could develop things like diabetes or other diseases from changing my diet to something my body isn't used to.

Dear idkman, we would like to

Dear idkman, we would like to inform you that we edited your post to remove mentions of height and weight numbers, as welll as mentions of specific food items, since it could be triggering to other users. You can review our community guidelines here. Thanks for your understanding and please continue to post! 

Thanks, but no thanks

Thanks, I was looking for advice from people who may have similar problems, a nutritionist, or just someone's opinion other than mine. I'll be deleting my post and my account, as it's clear I'll have to find a different platform to look for help.

The best place for advice

Is a professional, such as a therapist, psychiatrist and dietitian who are experts in eating disorders. We are unfortunately not allowed to give advice since we aren't professionals, but I can tell you you aren't alone. In therapy, you come up with coping skills and your treatment team is specifically designed for you since everyone is different, even if they struggle with the same type of eating disorder. I hope you find what you need and are looking for.