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Shocked by a rough customer at the checkout

So, I was working the PM shift and this Very Rude young man

dropped his heavy bottle of chemical on the floor

and not on the counter.

Sure he was tired of holding his huge bottle of very strong chemical.

Then he picks it up off the floor and slams it on the counter.

Then he proceeds to bicker about, wanting/wilting

psychotically, to bring the chemical out to his car b4 paying for it.

I've had whiplash for the last 2 days.

I have been sleeping since this rude and dangerous man annoyed

and startled me at the register.

They need a security guard on the side that customer's exit

out the front doors from.

You get that

In retail. I'm sorry you had a rough night.
I'm not sure why a rude customer is shocking. You don't know what is going on for him. Everyone needs grace, especially right now. Maybe get a different job if you don't want to deal with rude customers ever. Maybe this item fell and he wasn't able to catch it.

Great Point, Thanks

However my neck was so stiff for 2 days after this. I have worked in retail, specifically as a cashier-CSR, for many yrs. During HS, during college, and now again after college, and along w/ my teaching job which is on Hold temporarily....

I try and empathize w/ customers. He just seemed on the borderline of being violent. I said nothing, just haven't returned for a few days. Plus all the sudden I have these neck cramps from ----.

Thanks for the advice.

You're welcome

And don't forget not to judge others.