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First BBQ in recovery

So today in youth group we’re gonna have a BBQ and I’m really nervous, I have so many fear foods that are gonna be there... I’m 2 weeks in recovery today and I’m still terrified of eating. I feel like this is gonna last forever or like I’m never gonna stop being scared.

I find group eats hard also.

I find group eats hard also. But find snacking on other items when others have already finished eating stops them asking questions, and I end up being told do you ever stop eating ironically. Just enjoy what you have and do it your way. Don't feel pressured by what others are having. You do you and enjoy yourself with your company, try not to let the food be at he forefront of your mind for the whole time. It's really hard but I find talking to new people really nerve wracking, so when I do it takes my mind off of my food anxiety and puts it in to a positive anxiety in which I am creating new connections. I hope this helps. You will feel so accomplished and uplifted for making it through the bbq. It's hard but you will then find the next time easier. OR you don't have to go for the whole thing if it seems to much. You can do it. Kick your fear foods in the ass and don't give them the pleasure of having your attention, like you would someone who isn't nice and trying to get a reaction. You are strong enough to do this. I'm ure you have come so far on your journey already, this is just another page in the book or the chapter you are writing. I hope you manage to have a nice time. Make that your mission and smile. xox

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I had a good time honestly. My friends were there with me so they made sure I ate and then they gave me about a million hugs. But it was so much fun. The fear foods were a little hard to eat and I felt really guilty after but the next day I felt good. I’m so proud of myself for going to the bbq

So glad

It went well.