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Partner is in a situation where they cannot receive treatment

This is my first time posting in here so I am not sure if the format is right, but here goes. My partner is struggling with their relationship with food (they don’t want to outright say they have an eating disorder) where they restrict themselves to one meal a day. This is not healthy for them and I would like to help them but I don’t know where to start. They are set on losing weight, as they are in the overweight BMI category, regardless of whether they need to as a health concern or not. At this point they are unable to receive treatment which is beyond our control, but I would still like to help them. I asked them today if they would accept my help and they said yes which I am very happy about, but I don’t know where to start. Any help would be appreciated greatly. As a side note if I am using any language that would not help please let me know, as I don’t want to make things worse for them.


Matters like this can be a delicate situation, it's true. It's a positive sign that she seems to want help, but as you said, what sort of help should we provide ?

If it were me, I would right ahead and ask her, and see what sort of suggestions she has ? At least that way you could feel that you were taking an approach she would approve of. As long as what she asks for seems healthy, that is.

Both physically, as well as mentally, you know ?