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Soon many people on Unemployment will realize there is no more funds after the balance is 0?

Then what? What will all these middle class formerly hard working white collar workers do? I am feeling stressed too. Today was the last day for me to file my last unemployment claim. This financial support isn't bottomless either!

When we hit 0 funds we hit Rock Bottom.

I am thankful that after the initial shock of being a CV-19 victim of employment freeze, I was able to fid a moderately good paying retail job.

I am still awaiting my sub job to look forward to returning to. I just renewed all my credentials, and took the online annually required classes as I do every year.

I am still browsing online for a low stress office support or social service type of job. But for now am working almost 30 hrs per week.

I am worried that soon many of my neighbors w/ the coolest cars, and beautiful condo's and homes, will soon be in Hawk. No job= No Money, No Money= loss of fun cars and property. This will become massive soon as everyone's Unemployment will soon be cut off with a 0 balance for any more monthly government financial assistance.

I am so worried. What will happen next. Massive break ins to local places of business as a social outrage being expressed at the most obvious levels, no jobs, extra time for unemployed-newly weaned from government support. They will now have time to think of ways to earn quick money.

I fear the daughters of middle class families, who have run out of money may turn to human trafficking, and the sons to other forms of trafficking such as drugs, counterfeiting large bills, and perhaps even x rated modeling jobs.

This is a REAL problem, and The Worst part is still to happen soon.

Meanwhile I mind my business, work my 30 hr week job, reduced my food , and other items on my shopping lists.

I have lost my big munchy appetite and am more hungry now for some ME Time. I need time to improve myself, I am not perfect Either.

I feel the need to be more mindful of myself and of my thoughts, want to center myself through exercise and listening to music of the happy 90's. A time when it was all gonna work out, especially if we worked HARD to "Make it Happen."

I already am seeing young teens entering the pharm store to grab tons of Plan B and OTC Pregnancy tests. Well they will at least qualify for government aisle once publishing baby news to Parents Magazine.

There will be a huge population boom from the teens w/ too much time on their hands and lucrativeness to produce heirs during a time of high human deaths.

Unfortunately the government will Now be spending financial funds on many new young families, living off their newly acquired government aide, and the more babies produced per young family, the more that they will be rewarded.

I do not wish to exist in a 3rd World Country. I live in an already over crowded country of The USA. Now many of the freedoms our forefathers fought to set forth for us, and generations to come will not see these as nmuch anymore.

Education seems like a big theory of Evolution currently, our kids have lost the respect and motivation to learn. Most things are now being learned by listening. Some kids don't like to listen, they are tuni g into virtual reality, and super loud base.

Where is the reward for the free education, college will just be an expensive online virtual experience. The social factors involved in "Going off to college" will now be looked down upon unless these high school grads can work and help families out to pay the monthly bills.

Any young teen males who apply for college and college financial aide will be placed at the top of the Draft lists.

I just may go and purchase a big green piece of land, have a mini kit house built w/ a backyard full of animals and beautiful landscaping. I will place a bronze fence around my peripheral borders, and only my relatives abroad or families I am a nanny for may enter my bronze gates to drop off and pick up the lil mini ME's so they may rush off for an 8 hr virtual experience at home on a computer interacting with clients in need of their expertise.

I want to serve by providing a simple emergency day care, and weekend hospitality to traveler's in need of a place to stay for the weekend.

I want to help in my community But who can reach out in this current state of CV-19 affairs. It's like I am frozen in time. All I can do is work at nearby local retail job, and send my niece baby clothes to help out w/ her new baby girl.

Otherwise it's just exercising, trying Not to eat junk food on days off from work, perhaps Listen to some online training examples, and keep my lil dollhouse studio clean and free of germs.


Looking at the POSITIVE things in the world instead of negatives would be helpful.

Try to find the beautiful things in this world.

I think it's all laziness.

I think it's all laziness. When you don't have a job, you can think of a way out of this situation. When I lost my job, I first started gambling, and now, feeling the desire to develop, I plan to create a gambling platform. I know what players need, and by the way, has great solutions for integrating quality content here. I think this is a great online business option.

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sure because unemployed will

sure because unemployed will have no source of income and after months of benefits the account balance will be empty. That needs immediately.

As long as they are

As long as they are unemployed, they will know that such a situation will happen and they have a plan to

Ensuring the safety and well

Ensuring the safety and well-being of yourself and others should be a priority.

In addition, exploring different avenues for financial stability and career advancement can be beneficial. Have you considered expanding your skill set or pursuing additional education? There are online courses and resources available that can help you enhance your qualifications and increase your chances of finding better employment opportunities.

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Lastly, remember that it's important to approach challenges with a positive mindset and stay resilient. The current circumstances may be challenging, but they also present an opportunity for personal growth and development.

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