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finally 2 days my Covid vaccine

This Covid "stay in my home" situation has really exasperated my BED. I manage my BED out of my house. Doesn't mean I don't see food that I want and would overdo in my home but my conscious mind stays alert and in charge of my behavior. Know all the why's but that has never curtailed my robotic destructive eating to my health and happiness when it "takes off". This doesn't mean now I can go out and run free when immune but I can do more, still abiding by the stay safe from Covid guidelines (for me and other's). Anyway I'm VERY grateful. CC

Reaching out

Hi Casacera! I'm glad you reached out to the forums! These times can be tough but I'm glad you are managing well. Is anyone else feeling similar and can offer some support?

Hi Casacera,

Hi Casacera,

I totally understand how you are feeling. Being home has made it really hard to stay on track with eating and taking care of myself in general. The motivation is super hard to come by sometimes and I just have to remind myself it will make me feel better in the long run. I just got my second vaccine so I am hoping that as more people get it we can be a little more normal soon. Until then, I am here with you excited about being more protected and grateful for the opportunity to take the vaccine! We can do this!! Sending love and hugs

I disagree that we are

I disagree that we are currently abnormal, and after the vaccine, we will be expected. Nothing will be the same as before. Too much fear has crept into people. Frightened people get sick more, have panic attacks, and more. It is my opinion that eating and lack of movement are what make people sick. Now we lock ourselves in houses, and what we do is resort to old coping mechanisms. I think people should overcome their fears, go to the nearest laboratory to take a covid test, and calm down. Take care of yourself!

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